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  1. Hi
    I wanted to reach out and introduce myself, I am Gina. I am a color correction editor in Lightroom . I am a big fan of working hard, fast and to perfection. I have 8years experience in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and much more!

    If you’re interested, feel free to send over 10 test images to edit. Then you can see my work and expertise in image editing for yourself.

    So how much does it cost?

    – 0.07$ USD Per Image for Only Color Correction.

    – 0.09$USD Per Image for Color Correction, Cropping, Straightening,

    We do culling too. My charges for culling is

    – 0.02$ USD Per Image for culling

    – 3$ USD Per 1 Image Clipping path, Clipping Masking, Photo Retouching in Adobe Photoshop .)

    Let me know what you need and I will quote it up for you.

    My turn around time is 24-72 hours but don’t worry, I can deliver the images sooner in case of emergency.

    Below are a couple more facts about me and my business, if you’re interested just shoot me an email.

    Personalized service

    100% Satisfaction guarantee

    Expert team of experienced staff

    Understanding of GS1 product image specification.

    24-72 hours TAT (Turn Around Time)

    Fast and secure data transfer

    Privacy guarantee

    Can’t wait to AMAZE you with our work.


    Kind regards,


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